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Vossen is Green

Our Mission:
We embrace sustainability because we believe in a better future. Treating humans and nature with respect is the foundation of everything we do. We have chosen our production facilities in Austria with that very principle in mind, we continually invest in active climate and environmental protection and take our social responsibility very seriously. VOSSEN contributes to a better future for our generation and all that come after us.
When we chose to dedicate ourselves to the Earth, we not only took a pledge, but we took action. We understand that time is valuable and we wanted to use our time right. 

Here’s how we do it...

Clean Footprint
We manufacture our goods in the center of Europe, but we keep in mind the carbon footprint we create on our journey to the United States. We do our best to offset this footprint by using 100% renewable energy at the production stage, investing in ecologically sound fabrics and reducing distances wherever we can. 

We also do our best to keep packaging as sustainable and limited as possible. We do this to ensure that every step of our process to get to you follows our mission’s values. 

Organic and Vegan:
Currently, 30% of our collections are made using organic cotton and 100% are certified vegan. By 2025, we pledge that all of our collections will be both organic and vegan.
Vossen is one of the first companies in the United States to make all of our collections entirely vegan. We are environmental trailblazers and not because we like to be able to claim to be the first to do something. No, we are trailblazers because we have to in order to do what’s right for the Earth and you, our customer. After all, what we produce and how we produce affects you. 

Green Energy:
Our production facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy derived from wind, water, biomass and sunshine.
Vossen products are produced in Austria on the verge of Őrség National Park, a protected space where wildlife roams free. Everyday we take inspiration from how nature functions on resources that are derived from their environment in the park. This inspiration has opened our minds to how easy it can be to use renewable energy when the resources are there. We are lucky to have this opportunity and are excited to be able to share what we’ve been able to create. Join us and help us keep this good thing going.